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Discover the ways of a wild woman...

Twelve circles of Twelve

Mystery School of Intuitive Intelligence

A year long journey for women
called to the transformational
Priestess path
Circle 5 begins 11/11

Enrollment is now open

You have come to the right place if you are ready to activate your Spiritual gifts and manifest from the Divine Feminine Essences! 

The process of the school is to learn the ways of the wild woman. To re-wild yourself, come into alignment with the Great Mother, and own your power as a Priestess. To anchor in the light and be held as you birth your next creative vision into the world! Whether that be a business, an art collection, a book or something else! 

Are you ready to serve at your highest frequency and create massive satisfaction, peace and joy in your life?

We are building a beautiful community of women all over the world. We do soul work together. We witness each other’s process with no judgement. We are midwifing each others visions into the world.

Calling all women leaders, healers, visionaries, artists and spiritual entrepreneurs.

Together we will journey to the depths of our shadow and reclaim the light. We will learn to recognise the energy behind things and be with the great mystery of the feminine. We will become leaders of the light, and embrace our ability to surrender and trust the Divine to show us the way.

Full details about the program, call dates, what's included and what to expect.

Hi, I am Christina Miglino

I am the founder of The Mystery School of Intuitive Intelligence. I have been working as an Energy Intuitive and Shamanic Guide for the past decade. 

My waking up experience really started when I was 8 years old after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

All Offerings

Journey to the Great Mother

A 7 week deep dive soul awakening experience.

What would it be like to say yes to your authentic self? That part of you that knows that you are a vast multi-dimensional being with SO MUCH to offer the world?

Let’s effect 7 generations before us and 7 generations after us, by focusing on the here and now. 

Messages from The3

The relationship I have to my Spirit Guides has been a long standing one. I have been connecting and creating relationships with these many energies for over a decade. I share their wisdo with you.

Watch me make an altar for 2021

I am also in gratitude for all of us, knowing we aren't seperate, we are the Ones/One.

"I had the privilege of calling Christina Miglino my friend before she became my Spiritual Business Mentor. I had tried to do business the 'right' way (which wasn't RIGHT for me at all) for more than 3 years prior to working with her. I was burnt out, in debt, overworked and honestly, NOT as successful given the amount of time and effort I was putting into my business. I had invested more than $45,000 with a "fancy" business coach. And it wasn't working. I felt like a failure. She and I talked one day and she just saw me. Trusting MYSELF is the greatest gift I've gotten out of this entire year. Learning how to tap into what's RIGHT for me (not someone else) being guided by what FEELS GOOD, what is EASY and what LIGHTS ME UP has been a complete game-changer.

Kristen Lena

I came in with HUGE expectations of developing my spiritual side and creating a project to manifest this into the world. What I didn't know is that I would be forever changed. This the most INCREDIBLE shift of my lifetime. Talk about Right time, Right people, Right place. I have developed skills of obtaining and mining the divine within including healing generational trauma, learning the secrets of the divine feminine and playing in the magic that has been hidden. What a gift. Christina is the bomb. She is completely centered and guided to help all of us reach our maximum potentials as energetic beings on this planet. She is down to earth and high in the stars. It is a wonderful combination. I would sign up again and again. If it feels right in your gut then say YES YES YES!

Mary Oetter

Isn't it funny how Spirit leads us to whom we are meant to work with. It's like they say..."When the student is ready, the teacher appears."It's amazing to learn from Christina! She's accessible and offers ongoing ways to personally connect via Voxer and Facebook......to the regularly scheduled group Zoom calls and exposure to guest teachers (who have been so inspiring & awesome!)

Kim Roles

I received the tools and the language that have helped me to gain clarity in the integration of both (my work as a physician and my deep personal beliefs as an initiated priestess), but the real treasure, the real beauty of the Mystery school is that you get exactly what it is that YOU need, when you need it. It is a true gift!

Andrea Perez

I was extremely hesitant and doubtful of what the program was and of myself. It's been about 8 months and I am feel confident is saying that I have radically changed my life and my experience of my life and it has been hugely because of the Circle. The School continues to be intangible to describe and it continues to be the divine feminine. The women of the circle are so incredibly wise...in a way I feel like the circle is holding my hand as I go through each step of my life.

Dawn B.

Trust, Surrender and Letting Go - that for me has been everything about The Mystery School. When you get here, when you step in, you will never, never look back, you will only get to go ahead. We go through the processes, that, yes, sometimes are painful, but ... we get to be vulnerable, we get to be supported, we get to be held, we get to be celebrated, we get to have FUN! ... and all of this is pure LOVE!

Evelyn Gwasira

Christina is the one! I am very grateful I made tis decision . She is amazing. She is open, loving, caring and honest and most of all, I know she's got my back because she can be a stern Mama Bear!

Teresa Boyczuk

You need this! Everyone needs this! “Can you really afford to continue doing it your way and trying to do it all alone?” The world we think we’re living in can feel so sad and hurtful and stressful and confusing. To have a group of people who want to grow & see themselves differently - and, in doing so, change the world around them, is priceless. No matter what you’re experiencing or who you think you are, The Nest will make ae!” positive impact on how you feel & how you see.

Kim Roles

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Come with an open mind, an open heart,

to allow the Great Mystery to unfold before you.

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