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When you experience a miracle it's so important to share it. Miracles have an incredible ripple effect!

Trust me. This story is worth it! It will leave you awe inspired!

Several months ago a woman called me to say that my mother had given her my phone number many times in the last 4 years. She called me now because she was diagnosed with lung cancer, and she had the intuition that she must work with me.

I paused…whoa. I trusted this whole situation. My mother is an incredibly gifted intuitive. I know she knows. And this woman was powerful, I could tell from our one conversation.

We decided to work together.

Several weeks ago we were doing a session and this client tells me that her surgery is in a couple weeks. She said there are two ways that the doctors can remove the tumor. They can go into the side of her ribs using a robot (this is by far the preferred way/less invasive), or, they go through her back to get it out.

I said, Nope. They will not cut through your back. Not gonna happen.

So we worked with her Spirit Guides and did energy work with this sweet tumor that just wants to be loved. We created a simple visualization of “easy, and clear” surgery through her ribs. We saw it done. Simple, easy for the doctors, and bringing all of it through. Leaving the healthy cells, happy and productive and recreating more new tissue there.

So, we both spent time over the next few weeks in visualization. My client worked with her guides and practiced surrendering and trusting their support.

The big day came and I sent her this divinely guided text.

I did ceremony and left it all up to Spirit.It is imperative that I, as her guide, stay unattached… And yet, I had a clear knowing inside of me at the same time.

The day after the surgery I received a text. Although my client was in immense pain she said the world renowned doctor that did the surgery just could not explain HOW or WHY he could do the surgery the way he did. He said the tumor was bigger than they even could tell from the scans and it was between her aorta and veins, a very precarious placement. He couldn’t understand (EVEN THE SURGEON!!!!) how he did or or why he knew he could. He said, anyone else would have gone through her back. He just did it. He was astounded! She was too, of course, having woken up and finding out they took it all with the robot and did not cut into her back muscle.

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