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Your Soul is wise. Your Soul is divinely guided. Your Soul knows what it’s doing here.

My name is Christina Miglino and I am the founder of The Mystery School of Intuitive Intelligence. I have been working as an Energy Intuitive and Shamanic Guide for the past decade. 

My waking up experience really started when I was 8 years old after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Watch this video to understand my story a little bit more. It’s a wild one!


My passion is to support spiritual visionary women to manifest through the divine feminine essences.

What this really means, is to create our life from how we want to feel consistently versus what “stuff” we want in our lives. When we come from essence first we learn that we can create more love, joy, peace, and creativity by surrendering to and trusting the Universe and Spirit. We align with the essence of Spirit first, then we manifest into form. 

This kind of soul manifestation is WAY MORE satisfying to us than ego manifestation (which is what many people teach). We know now, that it is not JUST about the law of attraction~ that is only one piece of the divine puzzle. 

My guess, is that if you found this page, you are a woman who has created a lot in her life already. And maybe the missing piece is actually inside you! You are powerful and now you get to receive the support that you deserve to deepen your connection to the Earth and birth your biggest visions into reality. 


I came in with HUGE expectations of developing my spiritual side and creating a project to manifest this into the world.  What I didn't know is that I would be forever changed.

This the most INCREDIBLE shift of my lifetime.  Talk about Right time, Right people, Right place.   I have developed skills of obtaining and mining the divine within including healing generational trauma, learning the secrets of the divine feminine and playing in the magic that has been hidden.  What a gift.  Christina is the bomb.  She is completely centered and guided to help all of us reach our maximum potentials as energetic beings on this planet.  She is down to earth and high in the stars.  It is a wonderful combination.  I would sign up again and again.  If it feels right in your gut then say YES YES YES! 
Mary Oetter

MSII (Mystery School of Intuitive Intelligence) was birthed at the beginning of 2020. A few months before the new year I heard “activate the 144.”

The guides were telling me to bring together women light workers from all over the world.

The 12 circles of 12 Goddesses that will support and midwife the New Earth into being. 

The relationship I have to my Spirit Guides has been a long standing one. I have been connecting and creating relationships with these many energies for over a decade. What I know now is how to trust my process. I can listen deeply to what is coming through me and not need to know exactly “why” this is what is coming. That is how the mystery school was created! I listened deeply and said, “yes,” to each step in the journey. Now we are building a beautiful community of women all over the world. We do soul work together. We witness each other’s process with no judgement. We are midwifing each others visions into the world. 

Here is an interview with one of my ideal clients after she spent 9 months with me. Her transformation has been mind-blowing!! 

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