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Your Soul Lineages are aplenty!! Let’s talk about that!

Right now some of us are being tumbled around like a rock in the ocean from the Lion’s Gate energy of Saturday (the 8/8 energy portal), and some of us are feeling a sense of BIGNESS, MAGNITUDE, like something exciting is about to happen…

 Either way, you are in the perfect place. Your soul knows it’s own timing. 

I want to connect with you about Soul Lineage. Because at this very moment on planet earth, The Guides are supporting us in seeing our BIGNESS.

You are bigger than you ever imagined…

What does that mean?

Well, for one, you are a light body that emanates incredible light from your heart space into the world. Your Unique Energy Signature is imprinting itself into this NOW moment. You are a profound cosmic intelligence.

So let us explain. 

There are some beautiful ways that The Guides are sharing about our Soul Lineage and so I want to share with you. 

I will break this up into 3 parts: Ancestral Lineage, Archetypal Lineage, and Cosmic Lineage.

Ancestral Lineage is your peoples. It is the human lines that you can resource love and life force energy from in your human family. This line is as important as any. Very significant to the enlightenment of human beings, is your family line staying alive and doing the good work here on planet earth. This is your parents, your great grandparents, your great great grandparents, 7 generations back. If you are on the earth, there is love coming from somewhere in your lines. 

Archetypal Lineage is your/our stories. This is where we resource love and life force energy from our stories, tales, traditions, myths, legends, songs, past lives… Your archetypes help you recognize how to talk about your story, and how to work with the essences of your soul. What needs healing/remembering to support your progression in conscious awakening. You may recognize your archetype lineage through reading, listening to music, storytelling, art making, utilizing esoteric systems such as The Tarot, The Oracle, Human Design, Astrology, The I Ching, and so much more…

Cosmic Lineage is the stars you are from and the ancient Gods and Goddess of your motherland that you resource love and life force energy from. Your Spirit Guides are your Cosmic Lineage. This is where your ancestral lineage, and your archetypal lineage meets your multidimensional galactic self!! Your Cosmic Lineage may also be the Star Races that you are a part of, for example, The Venusian beings, The Pleiadians or the beings from Sirius. 


See?!! It’s BIG! 

If I look at my own lineage, I have two great grandmothers that I can resource love and life force energy from~ They are my 6th and 7th Grandmother’s on my mother’s side…

My Archetypal lineage is The Bodhisattva, The Teacher, The Priestess, The Lover, The Shaman etc. The energies of these beings over time teach me about me. They have taught me about power/powerlessness, about humility, about deep suffering in order to stay close to people and the earth…

My Cosmic Lineage includes Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc, Quan Yin, Isis, many priestesses of The Sisterhood of the Rose, All of my Spirit Guides including The3 (who taught me about these lineages), The Pleidians, etc.

Whether or not these beings were every “really” here or not, doesn’t matter. What I mean is, whether the Goddess Isis ever existed in human form or not doesn’t matter. She has come to me in dreams and ceremony~ I know she loves me and shares energy with me.

Are you beginning to see the circles and cycles of love that surround you? This is not an accident. 

You are held by infinite compassionate beings of light every day.

I am inviting you to recognize this as we continue to unfold into the 5D consciousness that we are evolving into now. I hope this brings expansiveness into your heart!

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