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Rings of Consciousness- Part 2

Oftentimes, when I get a download from The Guides it is like lightning striking The Earth. It comes in a flash, a millisecond, and it leaves a mark (on my heart). This weekend I had one of those downloads. It was important for me to live with it for a few days before...

Let’s talk about the spirals or rings of consciousness

Let’s talk about the spirals or rings of consciousness.  I bring this up because The Guides are making me very aware of this right now. In order to support you in a new understanding of the world, your purpose, and your relationships to everyone and everything on the...

Your Unique Energy Signature

You are here to birth something exciting and brand new. BRAND NEW. Not a redo, something brand spankin new! What you came to earth to bring in is unique to you.  No one else can create it that way that you can. If you don’t let it move through you, it does not exist!...

A Miracle of Miracles, (a must share!)

When you experience a miracle it's so important to share it. Miracles have an incredible ripple effect! Trust me. This story is worth it! It will leave you awe inspired! Several months ago a woman called me to say that my mother had given her my phone number many...

What is the KEY that unlocks our Soul Manifestation abilities?

The short answer? Alignment. But that word. It’s like we know what it means, but what does it really feel like? Keep reading for 3 ways the Guides have shown me to align to the energetics of what we truly want. #1 Prayer Ask. haha! It seems so simple, doesn’t it? Ask...
Sacred Economics

Sacred Economics

Recently I was speaking to one of my sisters in The Mystery School of Intuitive Intelligence. She is such a badass spiritual woman business owner (you know who you are;). We geek out on discussing Sacred Feminine ways, including what would the world be like if we...

Energy Packets, Language Codes and your DNA (oh my!)

Energy Packets, Language Codes and your DNA (oh my!)

The Guides have been sharing with me about how sacred “downloads” work…oh, and yes, the title of the email is a riff on The Wizard of Oz… that’s my weird humor coming in. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense... They talk about “packets of energy.” That before...

Your Soul Lineages are aplenty!!

Your Soul Lineages are aplenty!!

Your Soul Lineages are aplenty!! Let’s talk about that! Right now some of us are being tumbled around like a rock in the ocean from the Lion’s Gate energy of Saturday (the 8/8 energy portal), and some of us are feeling a sense of BIGNESS, MAGNITUDE, like something...

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