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The Guides have been sharing with me about how sacred “downloads” work…oh, and yes, the title of the email is a riff on The Wizard of Oz… that’s my weird humor coming in. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense…

They talk about “packets of energy.” That before something comes into language it is a packet of energy coming through us. Then it is made into words by our human ability to recognize the patterns in the energy (whoa…I know…). Our hearts and minds and wombs and souls collaborating to make “sense” on some level of what that DNA upgrade is.

I say DNA upgrade because it actually is the light shifting your DNA. I know, sounds nuts, right? Science will prove this at some point. The Guides are sharing through me in the ways we know how.

When something comes into your field and you think, “ WOW! I never thought of it like that before! I feel different all of a sudden..” THAT’S IT.

That’s the shift in your DNA. In your light body. That is you coming into 5D consciousness.

Now, you don’t have to believe me. You could just say, “yeah maybe.” If you can keep the door open that this may be possible, that is good enough!

If you are open, open minded, open hearted, it is incredible the ways that you can raise consciousness within yourself and others~ by simply, you guessed it, being that open, and receiving the light.

Often times the light coming in is coming in and accessing us through language, you know when someone says something to you and you have that AHA, full body, wow, yes! Come up? That’s it. That’s the light packet coming through the words.

And how cool, when we are so present, so aware that we actually notice this divine experience.


The Guides are talking a lot about this right now because one of the gifts of Lion’s Gate (the energy portal opening up from the star Sirius this week). Is this very thing.

That you and anyone around you is capable of sharing this divine activations, through language.

Not the language of the mind, but the language that comes into your heart, that you speak before you understand what it means. The meaning is secondary when the light is so strong.

This week is very exciting for many of us. It is a profound recognition of your ability to hold divine light frequency in your body. The embodiment of the light!

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