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How are you feeling? Are you exhausted? If so…that’s the point. We are exhausted to the point of stopping, resting, surrender! It’s a good thing, and it’s a lot for our bodies, I know. Just listen to your body, it’s actually that simple…

Here is something I am feeling into a lot…

The Guides have been supporting with non-stop downloads about how to activate the body in order to have it lead us into heart-center living.

They say there are three minds. The mind, The Heart and the Gut (essentially). The mind is a tool. The Heart is a connector and the Gut is your compass.

Tool. The tool doesn't have a life-force motor running it. There is no “mind” chakra exactly. There is your inner vision (3rd eye) and your spirit center (crown) and your voice (throat). The mind is a tool. It’s basic. It’s for planning, simple, non life altering support.

There are some beautiful ways that The Guides are sharing about our Soul Lineage and so I want to share with you. 

I will break this up into 3 parts: Ancestral Lineage, Archetypal Lineage, and Cosmic Lineage.

It is not for making decisions. Let me type that one more time…


IT IS NOT FOR MAKING DECISIONS! Please do not make decisions with your mind because you will be unsatisfied. You will have made your decision based on old programming, your mother’s story, your father’s story, your ego mind, social conditioning or some trauma from your childhood. Believe me, I know. 


But keep reading, because it gets better!


The connector is your Heart. This is your center of connection. It’s as if you have a string of light that threads together with every other heart on the planet. This center supports you in understanding the interconnectedness of all things. EVERYTHING is ONE. There is only WE. We are empathic beings. We actually need community. Ask your Heart. She will tell you.


The Compass is your navigation system. Your Gut. NOW this! This is your decision maker. YAY!!! We love making decisions, don’t we? Your gut will undeniably tell you if something is a hell yes, or a NO WAY. Listen to it. It’s NEVER wrong.

Now, don’t get this confused with healthy resistance. Sometimes the gut is screaming, HELL YES! And the hell yes is because this thing we are deciding is going to transform our lives. So if you are thinking, “why am I getting resistance while also being a HELL YES?…” 1) good for you for even noticing. 2) Check out which mind the resistance is coming from…my guess is, the mind mind. Your brain telling you, hold on! What if you are not good enough for this? What if this takes up all of your energy, time, life??? What if it makes you grow, and become more expanded and therefore have a bigger impact on the world, we don’t want that, that’s scary!!!”

Any of these voices sound familiar? Yeah. Me too. Our minds talk to us all at once.

Your job is to notice where the information comes from. And go with your gut.

Make sense? 

Going with your embodied response (gut response) is going to have you enjoying your life. Creating a life of pleasure, sovereignty, and magic.

Try it and tell me how it goes!

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