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Let’s talk about the spirals or rings of consciousness. 

I bring this up because The Guides are making me very aware of this right now. In order to support you in a new understanding of the world, your purpose, and your relationships to everyone and everything on the planet. 

This will support your awakening experience, and allow the old to fall away to birth the New Earth.

Here is what The Guides are saying about this, it downloaded very loudly and clearly on this morning’s walk…

Nothing is ever happening in a linear way. Everything is unfolding, progressing, over bands of consciousness, that are the strongest energies in The Field (the quantum field). 

So, however we are perpetuating those energies, consciousness or unconsciously, that is what consciousness is. 

(The Guides asked me to list what I can see…)

So, as I am walking, next to my house, at this little park, I am looking around and I can see mountains, bushes, shrubs, a horse ranch, birds, and a mural, and a playground, and people driving past me, to go to work. Plastic on the ground, a tire up against a fence post, a sign that says, “County Maintenance Ends,” and a silo, (whatever a silo is), and a basketball court, and concrete poured a long time ago, for the path I am walking on, and what I know is that all of those things, both separately and uniquely, and also together, are making rings of consciousness around me and with me. 

Everything affects everything, and those rings of consciousness appear in the 3D, as the strongest energy in the field, so, however they appear, however they are felt, even more than “appear,” are based on the ring of consciousness that they are expressing in, at this time. 

An important thing to note about this is, if nothing is ever being expressed in a linear fashion, then we can’t very well, be angry about our own part in it. Because it is not going to be linear. That is a lie that we have been telling ourselves for the last 2000 years. It’s not going to be linear, and there will be growth, and change is inevitable.

You may be better off to see “facts” as random. Instead of finite. As curious experiments rather than a definition of truth. 

As everything is perpetually, and consistently and forever transforming. 

So, when we are attached to a result, a fact, an outcome, “exactly as it always is,” not only will it change EVER SO SLOWLY,  we will never really be satisfied, because once we’ve reached that fact, that number, that thing that we thought, “should be,” we will want it to be something different because that is the nature of all things. That is the nature of growth. And, so, why not look at it in a way that’s exciting and fun and mutable. And, allow it to change.

You are only seeing one little blip on the radar of life, one little snapshot. Just like a camera. We used to use the ones with the actual film, and it would capture a moment, and that moment that was captured on the film is a moving moment. It’s not still, like we may perceive it through the photograph. Which is why photography is such a beautiful and melancholic art form. Because we are taking a still of something that is ever moving, ever growing and ever changing…

That is all for now. 

Sending love and blessings to you,


P.S. When I sit with this idea, it is exciting. I can see the rings of consciousness all colliding on different frequencies of energy waves, and if we could see the Universe this way, we would see color bands and waves merging into fields of reality. It is quite beautiful. I have been able to see energy this way since I was very young. It is a fascinating gift. And many people on the planet are waking up to this “seeing” now. What an exciting moment we are in!

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