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Oftentimes, when I get a download from The Guides it is like lightning striking The Earth. It comes in a flash, a millisecond, and it leaves a mark (on my heart).

This weekend I had one of those downloads. It was important for me to live with it for a few days before I shared it with you. Now, after really experiencing it in my body, I can share.

Here it goes!

The Guides share with me that there are 3 primary rings of consciousness that we dance between in this life. Each of these thicker rings has many bands of experience, or expressions. I will talk about these nuances another time.

The first ring is of the NOT SELF or FALSE SELF

This is the experience of identifying as the not-self.

I AM a Victim of my circumstances, I AM the “bad kid” that all of my teachers used to say that I was.

I AM selfish, I AM separate, I AM unworthy…

We will experience this identity as the False Self until we Wake Up to the light within.

Once that happens we call this “an awakening.”

We have leaped to the second Ring of Consciousness.

The second Ring of Consciousness is the experience of the True Self.

One day we wake up and realize that we are more than a mother, father, sister, brother, homeowner, boss, animal lover, teacher etc… and we realize that we are so much more than those personality identities.

We are light. We are love.

We carry Spirit deep inside our Hearts.

And we begin to experience ourselves differently, and treat ourselves as so. 

The third Ring of Consciousness is the experience of The All. It’s All Spirit

This is the experience of “not only Am I walking around in this body as a reflection of Spirit,” but I am Spirit, You Are Spirit, and everything in between is Spirit. We experience this as another moment of awakening. This Ring of Consciousness says that nothing is separate and everything is deeply interconnected, and interdependent. There is no NOT SPIRIT. This experience feels like an incredible relief, because here, we are not holding up our projections anymore!! We do not have ranking systems for everything. We are not saying, “this counts and this doesn’t count, or you count but you don’t.” 

The truth is, we dance amongst these 3 Rings of Consciousness throughout our experience in human form. It is not a linear experience where we have progressed from one to the next without looking back. We need to be able to reflect from each state to have full compassion for all beings. This means, as you ascend (or descend into the Heart) you are not forgetting what it is like to experience each of these rings. You are simply integrating them into One. So then you experience Spirit in all forms. 


As we become more and more aware of this dance, and cultivate more and more love and compassion for ourselves and others in their dance, THAT is awakening. It is noticing and not judging. It is recognizing that each has their place, and that, actually, they are all One, as well. Each lives within each. They are not separate, these rings. They are simply the FULL EXPRESSION of Life. All Life. All Spirit. All Natural. 

I wanted to offer you this to remind you that you have full sovereignty over how you experience the world and your life, as a blessing in it. 

I hope this supports you.

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