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Recently I was speaking to one of my sisters in The Mystery School of Intuitive Intelligence.

She is such a badass spiritual woman business owner (you know who you are;). We geek out on discussing Sacred Feminine ways, including what would the world be like if we allowed money to TRULY circulate?

What if the energy of money is shifting and we get to midwife the shift?

The shift into a system of many little circles, a circuit instead of just a few empires…(remember, empires fall).

Think of a skyscraper…any builder, engineer or architect will tell you that there is a certain sweet spot for height. That bigger is not better. You hit a certain height and it’s done. If you go beyond that sweet spot, (such a phenomenal metaphor for our ego drive), instead of being that strong beacon in the sky, it will topple, like pudding…mush. Done.

We are seeing the empires fall now. Energetically, collectively, internally and externally. Topple. The Tarot Tower card. Ammiright??

This is where the Guides encourage us to think sooooo far outside the box. Imagine. Nation.

In my imagination, I live in a world where no one ever goes hungry, or without water or a safe, warm place to rest their head. In this place, healthcare is a given. It doesn’t matter whether someone is healthy or not. They receive care NO MATTER WHAT. JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE A FELLOW HUMAN ON THIS PLANET. 

In this place, the earth is cared for. In fact, she is honored. No one owns her. There is a deep culture of respect, reciprocity and devotion.

In this place, money becomes an energetic understanding. First, we begin by using it differently (we have certain ways of utilizing money in the Mystery School that support this new way). Money is spread through the container in exciting ways that support the collective. Every voice matters. We don’t shut anyone down. We listen. We pause. We breathe together.

What I imagine is birthing and being midwifeed through MSII right now. It works, this dreaming and creating process.

You have to be willing to NOT KNOW the how and the why.

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