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You are here to birth something exciting and brand new. BRAND NEW. Not a redo, something brand spankin new!

What you came to earth to bring in is unique to you. 

No one else can create it that way that you can. If you don’t let it move through you, it does not exist!

You signed up to do your part wayyyyyy ahead of time. Wayyyyyy before your physical birth. 

The Guides are calling this your “Unique Energy Signature.” 

It is you, you are it.

And there is no one else to do your job. (no pressure;)

You carry this code of manifestation on your soul. 

The important thing to note is, YOU ARE BRINGING IT IN (your unique energy signature) WHETHER YOU ARE CONSCIOUS OR UNCONSCIOUS. 

The even more significant thing to note, is that unconscious birth is harder. Our ego wants us to be unconscious sometimes because of old programming that says, “it will hurt less if I’m numb.” But the pain always catches up with us. Not to suffer, but to say, you are capable of moving through it. 

We can sometimes hold on to a collective story that we, “don’t like getting uncomfortable.” The funny thing is, time and time again, when we get uncomfortable, we have a breakthrough into a new level or layer of consciousness. We are clearer light channels and stand more confidently in our power. 

Let me ask you this…

Are you playing full out with your energy signature right now? Or, is it simmering inside you asking you to expand bigger?

You came here to birth something brand new… it may be a family, an art collection, a book, a way of being, a community, a movement, a shift in social justice/consciousness. 

I promise you, whatever it is, it is bigger than you think. 

In fact, you know it is.

You know it’s big and you may not even know what it is yet, and THAT’S OKAY. 

Take the next step in your birthing process. And sometimes a step looks like a pause, and a deep breath and sometimes a step looks like getting an agent, or signing up for a course. Only you know what you need.

Be Brave. Your unique energy signature is calling you forward. We need you now, more than ever to imprint your unique energy signature into the collective consciousness.

Now, this present moment, is all we have.

Your lives and others lives are counting on you to step forward into the Great Mystery, into that yummy dark unknown space. 

No one else can fulfill your commitment. 

And BTW, there is a grief you will confront in letting go of the small self. I invite you to walk through that grief in order to be met by your true authentic, joyful, powerful, bigger, more expanded Self, on the other side.

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